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Lumen continues to make headlines

Lumen Christi student wins essay scholarship 

The article was published in the Catholic Anchor, July 2015. Please click on the link above to read the article.
(Photo credit: Catholic Anchor)


Congratulations, Chiamaka!  Lumen Christi is proud of you.

Mrs. Brewer is Lumen’s cutting-edge science teacher

At Lumen we have known for a long time that Mrs. Brewer doesn’t use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach and that means she stays on top of science research. As the recipient of the “Partners in Science” grant from the Murdock Charitable Trust, Mrs. Brewer develops professional research skills which she then brings into our classrooms. Our students – your children – greatly benefit from Mrs. Brewer’s scholarly pursuits and they will be well prepared for college.



 You can read the entire article about Mrs. Brewer’s research here:

 Throwing out ‘cookbook science’

Debbra Brewer is working for the summer in UAA virologist Eric Bortz’s lab. Bortz and undergraduate researchers are behind her. (Photo by Ted Kincaid/University of Alaska Anchorage)

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