Lumen News – 05/03/2018

Posted on May 3, 2018

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • May 4th & 5th:  Little A Lock-in
  • May 5th:  St. Benedict/Lumen Christi Spring Clean Up, 9am-Noon
  • May 9th:  Baccalaureate Mass, 7pm
  • May 10th:  Graduation, 7pm
  • May 21st, 22nd, 23rd:  Finals
  • May 23rd:  Last Day of School
  • May 24th & 25th:  Teacher Inservice

From the Principal:

This year, Father Tom walked with our high school students through a supplemental curriculum titled, “Principles and Choices.”  This high school program is based on Fr. Robert Spitzer’s book, Ten Universal Principles:  A Brief Philosophy of Life Issues and helps our students master the principles of logic, ethics, and justice that inspires them to live with purpose, moral integrity, and care for human life.

Book 1 (Identity and Values-9th grade) teaches the four levels of happiness and how they relate to definitions of success, quality of life, and love.  Our students have learned that Level 1 happiness is only fleeting and temporary, as it relies exclusively on the material things of this world. They have learned that eternal, everlasting, and true happiness (Level 4) can only be found in a relationship with God, as the Catechism quote below tells us.  In addition, students also learn six key principles that are essential for personal growth and which build a foundation for respecting human life, especially the most vulnerable.

Book 2 (Truth and Reason-10th grade) gives students a philosophical appreciation of the existence and importance of objective truth, and lays out three principles of reason that empower them to distinguish truth from error. The principles are applied to help establish the full personhood of the unborn child.

Book 3 (Ethics and Justice-11th grade) explains six fundamental principles of ethics and justice which are necessary for civilization to exist, and offers practical advice for forming the virtuous habits necessary for true freedom. The principles are then applied to give systematic and logical arguments against abortion and euthanasia.

Throughout the course, Father Tom connects Scripture, the Catechism, and the US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Doctrinal Framework for High School Catechetical Materials to what our students are discussing.  I have sat in on many of these classes and the important lessons they are learning go against the grain of what our students see, hear, and often experience in our secular culture. We are challenging them to think critically and deeply about our faith, happiness, and the dignity and sanctity of human life.  I encourage you to talk to your high school student about their impressions of this course.

We look forward to our Little A lock-in this Friday and hope to see some of you out helping on Saturday for the St. Benedict’s Parish clean up!  Thanks again for your support!


HELP NEEDED!-PVO:  Please prayerfully consider being a part of PVO next year.  We are looking for President, Vice-President and Secretary. Danielle Rybicki has done a fabulous job this year and has decided take on the Gala Co-Chair position next year.  If you have questions on what the job(s) entails, please contact the office or Danielle Rybicki and we will be happy to talk details with you.

Important-Parent Survey:  Please take a moment to complete our parent survey.  Each year we strive to have all of our parents fill out this survey which helps us continue to improve.  Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to fill it out.

You’re Invited-Baccalaureate Mass:  Join us on May 9th for our Seniors’ Baccalaureate Mass.  It will be held at St. Benedict’s Church at 7pm with a reception immediately following Mass.

Come Celebrate-Graduation:  Everyone is invited to come celebrate our Seniors as they graduate on May 10th in Lumen Christi’s gym at 7pm.  We are very proud of them and wish each of the very best!

Jador Needs a Summer Home:  Mrs. Craig is looking for a home for the class rabbit, Jidor, for the summer.  Jidor gets along very well with people and most pets and would love to spend the summer with a loving family.  Please let Mrs. Craig know if you have any interest in taking care of the rabbit for the entire or part of summer break.  Thanks!

Facebook: Mrs. Spillers is officially handing back the reigns of our Lumen Facebook page to Dr. Antje Carlson. If you have any questions or photos for Facebook, please send them to from here on out. Thank you!

St. Benedict’s Spring Clean-up:  Come help make St. Benedicts and Lumen Christi’s grounds look beautiful!!  Spring Clean-up on will be on May 5th at 9am until noon. This is a great way to help out and you may also earn parent share hours and community service for helping too.

Semester 2 Finals Schedule:  On May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd we will have our semester 2 finals and will follow the schedule below:

  • Monday, May 21st:  Finals in periods 1 & 2 with school dismissal at 11:15am.

  • Tuesday, May 22nd:  Finals in periods 3 & 4 with school dismissal at 11:15am.

  • Wednesday, May 23rd:  Finals in period 5 & 6 with school dismissal at 11:15am.

Student Community Service Forms:  The last day we will collect community service forms from students is on May 18th.  Please remind your students to check their hours and be sure to fill out any remaining forms by May 18th.

Parent Share Hours:  A final tally of parent share hours will be done early next week.  Families who have not completed their parent share hours will be billed through your Smart Tuition account.  If you have any questions or would like to know how many hours you have recorded in the book, please call Mrs. Estes

Tuition Assistance for the 2018-19 SY:  For those wishing to apply for tuition assistance, please click on the following link and complete the application through Covenant Tuition Services no later than July 13, 2018.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Tax Cut and Jobs Act:  Congress recently passed tax reform measures which now permits qualified education expenses to include elementary schools and secondary schools, not just college.  Parents and grandparents can now use tax saving “529” plans to fund education at Lumen Christi. Here are two websites with information on how families can take advantage of this new opportunity:

Calling All Photographers!: Do you have any great pictures of your students playing sports or participating in extra-curricular activities? Although our Yearbook team tries to be at as many events as possible, we can’t be everywhere. Please send any pictures you have to Mrs. Spillers, so that we can try to include them in the yearbook. E-mail:

ACYC 2018:  ACYC will take place from June 3-6th.  Registration opens on April 1, 2018. Click the following link for more information:

Campus Ministry:

All are invited to join us for Mass at 7:15 a.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in our School Chapel!

  • Please pray for our students (Julianne Estes, Nathan Goodwin, Kirstin Marshall, Jaime Martin, and Jeanne McConnell) who will be confirmed this coming week.
  • Campus Ministry is planning service projects for the 2018-19 school year. Please contact Mrs. Loeffler with ideas you might have!
  • Sign up sheets for Friday service hours at The Archangel Attic can be found on the bulletin board across from the school office. Students please sign up!!
  • All eligible students are invited to be trained as altar servers for our school Masses. Interested students please see Mrs. Loeffler.
  • If you know of a worthy cause in need of volunteers let us know so we can get the word out!

Prayer Corner:

(prayer requests can be sent to Liz Loeffler –

Please Pray for:

  • Our local, state, national, world, and Church leaders
  • Those who are lacking adequate food and shelter
  • Respect for all life

PVO News:


PVO President:

  • Lead our group of parent volunteers by communicating with parents and staff
  • Conduct 3-4 PVO meetings a year
  • Sit on School board and provide monthly PVO updates

PVO Secretary:

  • Advertise Meetings and Take Notes

Sign Up Coordinator:

  • Add events and volunteer spots into sign-up system- includes gala, Attic   Fridays, athletic events, outreach activities, and special events
  • Can be done from home!!

Concessions Purchaser:

  • Work with Coach Warren on concession food needs and make purchases as  needed

Concession Special Events Help/Leads:

  • Gun Shows (August/November)
  • Special Athletic Events- Tournaments & Jamborees

If you have any questions or can help with any of these roles please contact Danielle- or 227-7080.

New Uniform Company-Tommy Hilfiger:

Click on the following link to access Lumen Christi’s store on Tommy Hilfiger There are a couple changes on the site that are being ironed out.  Currently the selection for the 12th grade class is not accurate yet.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Estes.