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Lumen Christi High School Yearbook Focus:

LCHS Yearbook is a student-run yearbook publication class that focuses on page design, advertisement, photography, copy editing, and publication. Students choose specific pages to design and are in charge of gathering the photos and relevant information to go with their respective pages. Additionally, students gain experience in photography using professional cameras to photograph the daily lives and important events surrounding the student body. This course also focuses on editing to ensure the final product is free from spelling/grammatical error and omissions. Yearbook students are expected to be dedicated, professional, and focused while having fun capturing the memories of the school year.










Contact: Megan Spillers mspillers@lumenchristiak.com









Yearbook Cost:

  • At registration in August until August 31st: $65
  • After September 1st: $70 
  • For Seniors only: Traditionally parents purchase a ‘Senior Memory Page’ for their graduating student (see “Senior Memory Page” explained below). This Memory Page is in addition to the Yearbook purchase and costs $100 to submit a completed page, and $150 if you would prefer the Yearbook Team to create your Memory Page. 

What is a “Memory Page”? (Seniors ONLY)

A “Memory Page” captures your student’s years of coming-of-age. Usually parents and student sit down and select between 10 and 15 photos from childhood that visually describe the his or her development to the day of graduation. Paired with these pictures parents write some words of wisdom or love in a short paragraph. If you are creatively and technologically skilled, you may design your own memory page and submit it as a finished PDF document to the Yearbook team. If not, no problem, just submit the words and the selected photos to us and we do it for you.

Interested in advertising with us?

  • A full page ad: $150
  • A half-page ad: $100

Please submit your ad in a 300 dpi resolution in jpeg or PDF to Megan Spillers: mspillers@lumenchristiak.com

Take a look at “Senior Memory Page” examples here.