The academics at Lumen Christ are designed to challenge students intellectually, develop critical and logical thinking skills and engage students on a daily basis.  Our small class sizes allow teachers to be flexible and adapt lessons plans to increase knowledge and conceptual learning, rather than a rote regurgitation of facts.

Lumen Christi curriculum meets or surpasses all state requirements. Lumen is accredited through AdvancED, and is a member of the Alaska School Activity Association (ASAA) and the Alaska Christian School Activity Association (ACSAA).

Academic Requirements:

Seventh and Eighth Grade Courses

  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • PE or Spanish (8th grade)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Theology

Ninth through Twelfth Grade Basic Required Credits

  • Social Studies – 4
  • Language Arts – 4
  • Science – 3
  • Mathematics – 2.5
  • Theology – 4
  • Physical Education – 1
  • Health – .5
  • Electives – 2.5

TOTAL – 22.5

All Lumen Christi students meet or surpass Alaska State graduation requirements. On occasion, students in grades nine through twelve may choose to take an external class. All external course work must be pre-approved by the Principal in order to receive credit.  As a general rule, only one credit from an online or correspondence school will be accepted per school year. Lumen Christi has the right to exclude online and/or correspondence classes from the student GPA.