Dr. Antje Carlson


Chair of the Humanities Department

Classes: Non-Fiction / Fiction; Mythology / British Literature; Speech / Composition; U.S. Literature; World Literature; Language Arts 8th grade, as needed

Other: Social Media Administrator; Supervisor for Online Classes; Campus photographer

In 2019 I celebrated my 10th teaching anniversary at Lumen Christi High School and I have been blessed to work and collaborate with an inspirational and dynamic team of colleagues and friends. My teaching career, however, did not begin with Lumen Christi, as I have been a teacher for 20 some years. My origins are with the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University and Wayland Baptist University, where I was employed to teach a variety of writing and German language classes.

Originally born, raised and educated in Germany and Austria, I have lived most of my adult life overseas. After a decade of working for Saudi Arabian Airlines with permanent residence in Jeddah / Saudi Arabia and Lufthansa German Airlines with base in Frankfurt / Germany, my husband  Martin and I decided  to settle down in Anchorage, Alaska in 1994. It was that very year that I also decided to return to formal studies to earn a M.A. at the University of Anchorage, and my Ph.D. from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, OH. The majority of my studies have been centered on language acquisition, learning and, teaching. That interest in foreign languages and linguistics also prompted me to become a co-founder of Alaska’s first foreign language immersion charter school, Rilke Schule, a K-8 German immersion school in Anchorage.

Life-long learning, cultural understanding, and critically reflective thinking are at the forefront of my teaching philosophy and with that belief I strive to prepare my students for college  and beyond. I encourage my students to read (reading is the hallmark of civilization), listen, reflect and participate only so that they come to realize that our thinking – much like our writing – is a ‘rough draft’, a work in progress requiring and edit from time to time. My goal for my students is to be resilient to some of life’s academic challenges and curveballs, that they recognize that mistakes happen to learn, improve and move on; to make them curious and push them to critically assess information presented to them by asking sound questions.

My free time belongs to my husband and family here in the U.S. and in Germany and we spent as much time in Alaska’s great outdoors as we can, exploring new trails with my German Shorthaired Pointer Myra and our Griffon Sabaka aka Woolly. While on the trails, I love collecting mushrooms and I have done it so far successfully for as long as I have been in Alaska. When it is not mushroom season, I am passionate about landscape, nature and still life photography and you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram under @antjecarlsonphotography.

My direct telephone : 907-273-1510; I will not pick up during class time.