Classes: U.S. History, Economics/Internat. Affairs, Physical Science, World History

I was raised in San Joaquin county California, a place as sunny as the rest, but this part of the state one doesn’t usually see on TV. Instead of surfboards, palm trees and beaches, there are cows, tractors and almond orchards. At the age of 18 and with adventure in my eyes, I enlisted in the United States Navy. As a hospital Corpsman I learned how to bandage the wounded, care for the sick and even make quality eye wear for the entire department of defense.

After my discharge I went to college using my G.I. Bill. I excelled in subjects such as History, Government and Economics and received my BA in Political Science with a minor in Economics from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. From there I went on to get a Masters in Religion from Liberty, from which I graduated cum laude.

My teaching style can be summed up in one word: “application”.  I strive to make everything I teach conceptual. My goal is to explain ideas in ways students can understand, realize and touch. I feel students learn best when they are engaged and interested and so I often try to find things they relate to and incorporate that into my lessons. I also understand that not all student are the same so I’m always mixing up the lesson formats from reading to writing to art and hands on projects in order to reach each student with those strengths.

My lovely wife Rachael is currently stationed at JBER and we live in Eagle River with my daughter Isabella and dog Maxwell.