Kelli Reed


Classes: Language Arts 8, Science 8, General Math, Social Studies 8

Other: Debate

Raised in rural southeast Oklahoma, I studied Chemistry and Education at East Central University in Oklahoma before moving to Alaska with my husband in 2013. Lumen Christi quickly became a part of our lives, as both my husband and I were given the opportunity to do our student teaching here. Since that time I’ve become a well-known face in the school as a substitute teacher and a debate coach. Last spring it was my privilege to accompany our reforged debate team to Juneau to compete in their first state tournament in eight years.

This year I have joined the Lumen Christi community as one of the two 8th grade teachers and feel incredibly blessed to be working in the safe and engaging environment that Lumen Christi provides its students, allowing them more opportunities for experiential learning and shared discourse than many of their peers. I believe that we learn by doing, and the more students are allowed to experiment, the more they understand.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking and kayaking. I have completed numerous backpacking trips, and look forward to backpacking in Iceland next summer.