Liz Loeffler

Campus Minister

Classes:  Catholic Social Teaching; Jesus Christ, Source of our Salvation; Catholic Literature;

Other duties: Campus Ministry

I have enjoyed teaching in Catholic schools for the past 34 years. Soon after earning my undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina with a concentration in English and Philosophy I began working at St. Joseph Catholic School in Columbia SC. After just a few months of working with students and collaborating with teachers I knew I had found my calling as an educator in the Catholic Community.  I soon returned to University, earning a Masters Degree in education and went on to begin Doctoral work. I have just been graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a certificate in Catholic School Administration. I am certified in Crisis Management and Crisis Response and currently studying in the field of Christian Counseling.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach a wide range of grade levels, from second grade through 12th grade, as well as young adults.  While at St. Joseph Catholic School in South Carolina, I served as Vice Principal of the lower school, Liturgical Director, and Director of Spirituality. In addition, I have taught Theology, Science, basic Math, Research, English and History, and I served 4 years on the school certification and evaluation team in the South Carolina region.  My passion for actively nurturing and supporting the Faith in our communities led me to take on Campus Ministry full time in 2009. There is no greater joy for me than to see students of all ages fall deeply in love with Christ, through the real understanding and love of our Catholic Faith and traditions.

Each experience I have had within the Catholic School system has enriched and challenged me both personally and professionally, paving for me a spiritual journey that has led me here to Lumen Christi.  As Campus Minister I work with students to create faith building experiences through liturgy, prayer, worship, retreat, and fellowship. I am intentionally present for students, families and teachers to support them in their struggles, celebrate their joys and provide them with a place to be heard.

I have been married for 30 years and have three children, two of whom were graduated from Lumen Christi School. Our family enjoys the beautiful outdoors of Alaska; to be here at Lumen is a great joy and true blessing for our family.