Rochelle Pendergast


Classes: Calculus, Theology 11, Survey of Algebra, Science 7, Survey of Chemistry

Born and raised on a homestead property near Palmer Alaska, I left Alaska in the 1990’s to attend Oregon State University. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2000, I returned to the state I love, Alaska, and started my career as a mechanical engineer. I spent about 15 years
working on design projects large and small, from the remotest reaches of Alaska to downtown Anchorage, and even a few on the far side of the world. Along the way my husband and I found each other and settled in Anchorage, where we have been parishioners at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton since the early 2000’s.

As challenging as engineering was, I left that career to tackle the bigger challenge of raising
4 children. After some years and additional reflection, I realized I had a passion for teaching math and
science. That realization led me back to college to earn my Master’s degree in Education from University
of Alaska Fairbanks in 2019, and I was certified as a teacher shortly after. Having taught a few years at
the high school and middle school levels in Anchorage, I am now entering my third year of teaching. I
have followed a winding road to Lumen Christi, and I am thrilled to be here!
I live in Anchorage with my husband, Kevin, and our four children, and among many other pursuits, we
all love spending time together at “the cabin”, our special place in Willow.