April Alvarez


Classes: Spanish I and II

I was born in El Paso Texas and moved to Alaska in the summer of 2015 with my husband Jose (Joey) Lopez Jr., and my son Joseph. Growing up in a city where 80% of the residents identify as Mexican American, it was imperative to be fluent in both Spanish and English. First and foremost, Spanish was the language of my elders. Through conversation with them is how I best learned to love and honor my native heritage.

As I moved into my teen years, Spanish was also the language that allowed me to study with fellow classmates who would cross the border to further their education every day, and to communicate with customers at my after school job. Being bilingual allowed me not only to move seamlessly between two worlds, but more importantly to be an ambassador for one, while in the other.

I have several goals while at Lumen and teaching the Spanish language is but one. I also hope to impress upon students that being bilingual is an education in rich and diverse cultures beyond their own. And, finally, because the Spanish culture is so vibrantly intertwined with the Catholic faith, my final goal is that students recognize that a shared celebration of culture can also be a celebration of our shared faith.