Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Lumen Activities



Art is an elective course for 8th – 12th graders and second semester 7th graders. This class is held on Tuesday during the 7th  hour elective period, allowing students to attend study hall on Wednesday 7th hour elective period. The 2019-20 program is focusing on a different theme each month with different lessons each week. Students use professional grade materials including charcoal, pastel, watercolor, ink, oil, acrylic, clay, metal and more.   Each semester culminates with the creation of a comprehensive portfolio by every student.

Big A/little a

During his senior year, Lumen Christi 2010 Valedictorian Tanner Berube started a mentoring program called “Big A/little a” – the “A” of course standing for  “Archangel” our school mascot! The program had two goals: to ensure incoming 7th graders had a smooth transition into a new school; and to give older students the opportunity to facilitate that transition.

Big A’s assist their little a’s with lockers, answer questions about school activities, set up junior high only events such as socials and movie nights, and plan community service projects.

Big A’s are chosen by application the previous school year. The candidates are reviewed by the Big A/ little a Advisor and brought to the teachers and the Principal for input. Big A’s who are selected are assigned a little a within the first week of school.

Since its inception, the program has inspired many little a’s to become Big A’s as they recognized not only the value of the positive peer mentorship, but the feeling of inclusion and friendship that came with it.


Debate is an elective for high school students only.  The aim of this class is to empower Lumen students with the skills to express their beliefs clearly and concisely, improve public speaking and develop an effective means of communication in a formal setting while staying abreast of current events in the world.

Debate students acknowledge that this elective has helped them learn to think on their feet, hone their research skills and perhaps most importantly increase their understanding that there are often multiple valid sides of an argument on most important issues. While this class meets during 7th period on campus, students participate and compete in local and state competitions after school and on weekends.


The Lumen Christi drama program is an elective course for high school students only. Students work with the faculty director to choose a theme then read, analyze, and finally select a play appropriate for high school production. Students rehearse in the school but final performances are held at Grant Hall on the Alaska Pacific University campus in mid-April.  In order for the drama program to be a success, all students are required to work together as cast and crew, sell tickets, and promote the production.  Parent involvement is essential to the success of the drama program as well! Previous performances have included:

And Then Came Spring

Daddy’s Girl!

Tear Along the Dotted Line

Money To Burn

Nothing But The Truth


New in 2019-2020, Intensives are an additional means to enrich student experience at Lumen Christi. Intensives typically run for 6 weeks and provide students with ‘hands on’ learning and a means of practical application for real life skills. Culinary arts, basic automotive maintenance, first aid/CPR and hunter safety comprise this year’s Intensive program.  Intensive topics are generated by student interest and availability of instructors. Depending on the subject matter and associated activities, some are open to all grades while others are limited to older students.

National Honor Society

In 2018, Lumen Christi opened its first chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), a nationally recognized organization focused on service, character, leadership, and scholarship.  10th-12th graders are selected to NHS based on certain criteria and are screened and approved by a Faculty Committee.  NHS members meet regularly and are expected to fulfill community service requirements above and beyond those required for Lumen Christi’s Faith in Action program.

Student Leadership Board

The Student Leadership Board (SLB) is a diverse group of student leaders who meet with the school administration every week to discuss student issues and share ideas. The SLB is the primary means to plan and coordinate in- and out-of-school  activities (dances, spirit weeks, service projects etc.) and to allow regular and direct communication between the students and school administration. The SLB is comprised of an Executive Committee (consisting of Social, Spirit, and Service Committee Chairs) and general Board members representing: the National Honor Society; Yearbook; Big A/little a; junior high and high school sports team captains; and Grade 7 – 12 class representatives. Executive and Board member positions are peer elected positions.


LCHS Yearbook is an elective course for high school students.  This is a student-run yearbook publication class that focuses on page design, advertisement, photography, copy editing, and publication. Students choose specific pages to design and are in charge of gathering the photos and relevant information to go with their respective pages. Additionally, students gain experience in photography using professional cameras to photograph the daily lives and important events surrounding the student body. This course also focuses on editing to ensure the final product is free from spelling/grammatical error and omissions. Yearbook students are expected to be dedicated, professional, and focused while having fun capturing the memories of the school year.  Yearbooks are distributed in early May, before the end of the school year.