Big A/little a (the “A” standing for Archangels) is a Lumen Christi program designed to help junior high students adjust to student life at Lumen Christi. It was founded by Tanner Berube, a graduate of the Lumen Christi Class of 2010.

Big A/little a pairs a high school student with one or more junior high students to help them adapt to life at Lumen. Opening combination locks, getting the uniform just right, and finding classes can be overwhelming to a new student, and having someone in high school help with the little things makes a big impact.

The program also creates more of a mentorship mentality between the junior high and high school students, rather than an oppressive or bullying one. Big A’s pair up with little a’s for community service events and fun activities. In the past these have included food drives for St. Benedict’s Pantry, Valentine’s Day cards and cookies for Clare House, a casual day with a twin theme, movie nights, a lock-in, and readings for school Mass.