Lumen News – August 20, 2020

Friday, August 21st Information:

Even though students are at home tomorrow, Friday, August 20th, they are still expected to sign into all of their classes, following this schedule:

  • 8a = 1st period
  • 9a = 2nd period
  • 10a = 3rd period
  • 11a = 4th period
  • *lunch break*
  • 12:30p = 5th period
  • 1:30 = 6th period

Next Week’s Schedule:

Next Week the school will be in ORANGE mode.

See below in the Principal’s Update for more information on this.

Orange = on campus Monday-Thursday 7:45a – 12:30p, with Friday Mass and Advisory at home.  Questions? Check here:

There will be bus service to/from Eagle River/East Side and St. Elizabeth’s/South Side every day next week, except Friday when students are at home. Click here if you have questions:

Principal’s Update:

Happy Thursday Lumen Families,

What a wonderful first week this has been!  Our students’ and teachers’ smiles shone brightly even behind the masks!  We all agreed it is such a blessing to see students again in our hallways and classrooms.  From veterans to new, there is a spirit of cooperation, excitement, excellence, and safety among our student body.

This week, we deeply appreciate your flexibility in allowing us to orient our junior high school students to their classrooms and to our health and safety protocols over two days, and then doing the same with the high schoolers later in the week.  This has given our teachers and staff some much needed time and, most importantly, space to observe, orient, decide and act on revisions, modifications, and improvements to our plan.  While we had to adjust a few things, our safe return plan as written over the summer is working in our building.

The next phase is to integrate the entire school in the building at one time.  This will happen on Monday, August 24th.  To give us further time and space to do so safely, I am setting our operating status as ORANGE next week.  Although the current positive test rate in the Municipality could allow us to open at YELLOW, in consultation with our school staff, we would like to take at least one more week to ease into the school year.

This may be disappointing news for some.  While I know that many families would like their son or daughter to attend a full day of school right away, I ask for your continued patience and prayers.  As stated consistently from the beginning of the planning process, the safety of our staff, students and families is our highest priority.

So just like driving a new car, I feel this school year needs a break-in period.  After a great first week, I believe we are driving at about 20-25 miles per hour.  Things are looking good and steady and students are doing the right thing.  Adding all students together next week will increase our speed to 40-45 miles per hour.  I’d like to see how the school handles at that speed without further adding the speed of a full school day and a lunch period.  I have no doubt we will learn more next week that will help us confirm and validate our procedures going forward.

School Announcements:

COVID Crazy:

Know that as we adjust to operating in Covid Crazy mode, we may identify new needs around the school.  One that came up this week:

Morning Temperature Taker:   Mr. Ross and/or other staff have been doing this and will continue to do so, but if you’re organized early and want to knock out 30 minutes of Share Hour time in the morning – this is an easy job, plus you get to learn the name of every student at Lumen! 7:15a – 7:45a, just point & click the thermometer to make sure everyone’s under 100.0. This is not an every day commitment, you select what day(s) will work for you. Contact Anne at the Front Desk if you’re interested in flexing your medical muscle.


New families: within a few days you’ll be getting a text from “Remind” which is the online text system we use to communicate with parents. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not spam!


New families – if you’re having trouble logging in to PowerSchool (the Lumen equivalent to ASD’s Zangle), make sure you’re starting at this point: otherwise you’ll get loads of error messages. Your Parent PowerSchool login was on your student’s schedule that you received at registration and is different from your student’s PS login. Contact Anne at Front Desk if you’re having difficulties.

School Picture Day:

School photos will be taken on Tuesday, September 8th and a paper copy will come home with your student next week. If you want to pre-order prior to the 8th – click here:

Senior Portraits: 

Senior Portraits are due on Wednesday, October 21st, please submit your digital files to

Thanks for a great first week everyone!  Don’t forget to turn in your Covid School Waiver Forms!