Lumen News – August 26th, 2021

Important Upcoming Dates:

August 26: Soccer vs Nenana (6pm HS @ Kincaid)
August 27: Soccer vs Delta (6pm HS @ Kincaid)
Sept 1: Soccer vs Su-Valley (3pm JH, 6pm HS @ Kincaid)
Sept 2-3: Class of 2022 Senior Retreat (Holy Spirit Retreat Center/SEAS) Sept 6: Labor Day (Holiday-No School)
Sept 9-11: HS Soccer Tri-Valley Tournament @ Healy
Sept 13-17: Spirit Week (Themes TBD)
Sept 16: Soccer vs Birchwood (4pm JH, 6pm HS @ Kincaid)
Sept 17: Homecoming Bonfire (7-9pm @ school parking lot)(HS only) Sept 18: Soccer vs CIA (1pm HS)
Sept 18: Homecoming Dance (5:30-7pm JH, 8-10pm HS @ Lumen Gym) Sept 23-24: HS Retreat (St. Therese’s Camp/Lumen)/JH Retreat (Lumen) Sept 29: School Mass @ 7:45am (Feast of St Michael the Archangel) Sept 30-Oct 1: State Soccer Tournament (Kincaid)
Oct 7: Lumen School Board “Speaker Series” (time TBD)

Principal’s Update:

As we approach the end of the second week in school, I wanted to reiterate and reinforce our COVID protocols instituted this year. We appreciate everyone’s support in implementing these procedures to mitigate our risk during this challenging time:

●  Daily screening by parents/guardians for signs and symptoms. If sick, do not come to school and go get tested! If you have a question, call the front office.

●  Social distancing within classrooms to the greatest extent possible.

●  Ventilating areas (opening doors and windows) as much as possible.

●  Limiting interactions between junior high and high school students.

●  Encouraging proper hygiene practices throughout the day.

●  During lunch, our high school students are limited to no more than 12 in a classroom. 7th and 8th graders are spread out in the gym.

●  Daily cleaning of the school building by janitorial staff.

●  Universal masking for all students, staff, and visitors in the school and gym buildings. Additionally, as we plan the details of school activities and events, we continually evaluate everything from a safety and health perspective and will prudently make decisions to modify or change based on the current situation.

Finally, a special shout out to Sam Kaplan, Class of 2023, who earned his Eagle Scout award this week after years of hard work and dedication. Sam’s Eagle Project is the enhancements made to our community garden near the picnic tables. Well done, Sam!

Campus Ministry:

It is wonderful to be back with our students and families!

Thank you to Fr.Tom, Archbishop Emeritus Schweitz, our senior class, and our choir for a beautiful opening of School Mass and School Blessing last Friday. After Mass, Toby Agosti and Frankie Locke carried the Christ candle from St. Benedict Church, transferring the Light of Christ to our school.

Thursday and Friday of this coming week our seniors will be on retreat at the Holy Spirit Center. Please keep them in your prayers as they take time away from the worries of everyday life to commune with Christ and one another.

●  Confessions are offered every Monday morning beginning at 7 a.m. in the Archangel Chapel

●  Daily Mass is offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7 a.m. in the Archangel Chapel

Prayer for Our School: Powerful and almighty God, as our school year begins we ask your blessing on Lumen Christi. Let our love for You and one another be evident every day, through our words, thoughts and actions. Jesus, ever-faithful and unchanging, fill us with Your strength and perfect peace each morning and throughout each day. Help us to speak Your truth and light always. May everything that happens here bring glory to Your name. Thank You for the gifts of our students, teachers, faculty, staff, coaches, parents, religious and all who guide our journey in Your most Holy Name. Amen

Prayer over classrooms: God, bless each classroom and all who study inside. May the strength of its walls bring our students safety, give peace within and keep trouble without; and may the Holy Spirit fill all who pass through. Amen

Happy Birthday Kallen Cain and Malcolm Locke!

Prayer Spot

●  For our teenagers

●  For those families affected by the COVID pandemic

●  For peace in Afghanistan and all countries in distress

●  For the people of Haiti, Minnesota and California, and all affected by natural disasters

●  For special intentions requested

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Archangel Sports:

Congratulations to both our Jr. High and High School soccer teams who went head to head with Our Lady of the Valley on Tuesday, Aug 24th. While both games ended in a tie, shout out to Gaius Carlson (8th grade) and Toby Agosti (12th grade) for the goals scored in each game. Make no mistake tho – ALL players contributed to their team success!

Front Office News:

National Honor Society Tutoring

NHS is offering tutoring every Tuesday from 2-3 pm in Mrs Craig’s room. NHS members will be there to provide help with all subjects and we encourage anyone interested to stop in for any tutoring needs. Please email Mrs. Craig with any questions:

Parent Share Hours

Thanks to one and all who helped with projects around the school before school even started! Covering chairs, hauling dirt, helping out with the garages sale back in June or helping out at the Archangel Attic over the summer. Make sure you log your hours in the Front Office! If you come into the school you can fill those in yourself in the Family Share Hour binder (we’ll show you where it is) or you can email them to and we’ll get them filled in for you. If emailing, please write down the date, activity and number of hours spent. As a reminder, families have a 40 hour requirement per year (20 hours for single parent families and families with other children enrolled at SEAS.)

Archangel Attic

Speaking of volunteer needs, the Archangel Attic is an awesome way to knock out hours and

support the school! Over the course of the year we have approximately 650 hours worth of time we need to fill….that seems pretty daunting but if every family worked 8 hours, we’d be solid gold-knocked-outta-the-park-perfect! Remember that 100% of the proceeds from the Attic go towards reducing tuition for all families and over the past 10 years those proceeds have exceeded $1,000,000. Yes. One. Million. Dollars. Soplease,signupforashiftortwo(or20:)byclicking here: And if you’ve got questions about what it’s like to work an attic shift, simply watch the YouTube video on the page.

Student Spotlight

Parents – we love to give shout outs to our students for amazing things they do on, and off campus. If you’ve got anything to share about your amazing kids, send them to and we’ll make sure they get highlighted here!

Our inaugural shout out goes to Kateri Everard (10th grade) who danced with her Irish Dance School at the State Fair this past weekend. Even with an injured knee and temps almost too warm to dance on stage, Kateri Irish-stepped her heart out! Way to go, Kateri…maybe you can give some of the staff some lessons : )


Have a great rest of week and weekend!