Lumen News – August 28, 2020

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, September 4th: Virtual Back to School Mass, 9a – see below for details
  • Monday, September 7th: Labor Day – No School
  • Tuesday, September 8th: School Picture Day

Next Week’s Schedule:

Next Week the school will be YELLOW mode.

Thank you to everyone who called in to listen, ask questions and provide feedback at last night’s Principal/Parent Forum. After considering the input from all of you, our teachers and students, we have decided to adopt a new “Academically Focused” or “Condensed” Yellow schedule.

This wasn’t a decision made lightly and we understand that a 12:30 dismissal time may be challenging for some families. If you are one of them, please let either Mr. Ross or Ms. Gore at the Front Desk know – we have had several families offer to help drive other students and are committed to finding ways to make it work for our whole community.

A copy of the new schedule is included here, but important points moving forward into next week:

  1. Students are on campus Monday – Friday, 7:45a – 12:30p.

  2. Both the Eagle River/St. Andrews and South Side/St. Elizabeth Ann Seton busses will continue running on the same schedule that they’ve been on the past two weeks.

  3. Teachers will have virtual Office Hours after school up and will post specific days and hours in their Google Classrooms by the end of .

  4. Students are encouraged to bring snacks and water bottles to school. For students (mainly high school) who are moving between classrooms, they shouldn’t leave their snacks in their Advisory Room tote, but keep them in their backpacks which they are allowed to carry between classrooms. This way, no matter what class they are in, as long as they have their backpack they have their snacks and can take them outside on mask breaks to eat.

We have a new water bottle filler in the hallway – and according to its counter, we’ve already kept a whopping 24 plastic bottles out of a landfill by refilling student containers with it!  It’s absolutely fine to drink water in class, students can quickly remove their mask, take a drink and remask up. We’re also purchasing paper straws for each classroom so students can use those if they choose. Ms. Gore in the Front Office uses a straw and swears by it.

This new schedule will be posted to the school’s website on Monday, with paper copies available in the Office if you want to have one for your refrigerator.

(All Students on campus 5 days a week; 12:30p Dismissal) “Covid Act Now” Positive Test Rate = 1.5% – 2.9%


School Announcements:

Back to School Mass:

Like so many things, Covid sidelined our traditional “Back to School” Mass usually celebrated the  first Thursday we are all back together. Our new “Condensed” Yellow schedule allows us to celebrate Mass on Fridays, with that, our traditional Back to School Mass has been scheduled for next Friday, September 4th. Mass will be celebrated on-line in classrooms for all students with the exception of our Senior Class and 1-2 select underclassmen who will be present in the church and serving in different roles (lector, altar server, etc.) as appropriate. Once Mass concludes, the Seniors will process with the “Light of Christ” candle (per tradition) down to the school. Fr. Tom will also transport the Eucharist for distribution to students who wish to receive. Following the distribution of the Eucharist, Fr. Tom will bless individual classrooms, also per tradition. While we normally encourage all parents to join us in person for our Back to School Mass, this year we extend the invitation to attend mass virtually, and then watch for pictures on our FaceBook page of the “Light of Christ” candle procession and classroom blessings.

School Picture Day: 

School photos will be taken on Tuesday, September 8th. An order form is attached below, and a paper copy will come home with your student next week. If you want to pre-order prior to the 8th – click here:

Have a great weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold – fingers crossed!