Lumen News – February 11, 2021

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Feb 12: No school – Teacher Inservice
  • Feb 13: 12p-3p, Last Chance for Gala Item Pickup!
  • Feb 15: No school – Presidents Day
  • Feb 17:  Ash Wednesday (Lent Begins)(Friday A Schedule w/School Mass at 8am)
  • Mar 5-14:  Spring Break

Principal’s Update:

We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated in, volunteered for, and donated to the Annual Gala last Saturday!  What an awesome, energetic, and exciting event!  Together as a community, we raised over $100,000 for our school, including over $50,000 for our Fund-A-Future!  This is simply amazing, especially since this was our first ever virtual event!  Thanks to all who gave so freely and generously.  While we were successful in the virtual event, we hope and pray that conditions allow us to return to our normal festive celebration in our gym next year!  Thank you, thank you!

The COVID positivity rate has remained low throughout the Municipality of Anchorage, so we have been fortunate to remain in person each week.  This has allowed us to add some extracurricular activities like junior high basketball skills, boys and girls high school basketball, drama, debate, yearbook and even rifle!  We wish Class of 2021 senior Jonah Doniere, Class of 2021 juniors Vaeda Michaelson, Jack Murkowski, and Liam Dupras, and Class of 2023 sophomore Emily Ross good luck as they compete in the Alaska Drama, Debate, and Forensics State Championships this weekend!  Go Archangels!

So many good things are happening at our school!  Thank you everyone for making it happen and for continuing to trust us with your child’s education!  We are so excited that so many families are reregistering for next year, and we are blessed to have so many new families calling us and dropping by each day to bring in applications for the fall.

On behalf of the staff and faculty of the school, have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!  See everyone next Tuesday!

Campus Ministry:

Virtue of the Week: Unity

The strength to be one in mind, heart and soul. For in the end there are but 3 things that remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. And the greatest of these is love. Cor 13:13

  • There’s still time to sign up for the St. Benedict’s High School Retreat this Saturday, February 13th. The Lumen bus will leave Lumen for St. Therese Camp at 8:30 a.m. and returns to Lumen that night at 11 p.m.This is a wonderful retreat each year! Contact Elise Martinez ASAP at for more information.

  • Choir members needed from all grade levels. See Mrs. Loeffler!

  • Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday, February 17.  We will be praying Stations of the Cross each week here at school throughout the season.

  • Interested in a parent Lenten prayer group?  Please contact Mrs. Loeffler at

Prayer Spot

Please remember the following in your prayers this week:

  • In thanksgiving for the many blessings we have been given

  • For students who are attending school online

If you would like special intentions listed in Lumen News and Prayer Book of Intentions you can send them directly to Mrs. Loeffler or to the front office.

LUMENary Drive Update:

We had an amazing “Five Letters for 5 Days” campaign last week. If students wrote 5 letters to friends or family requesting a donation to the school or wrote 5 letters thanking current donors, they got 5 days of dress down/no-uniforms. Apparently a little bribery goes a long way, especially in the junior high crowd!

Seriously though, letter writing as a means of reaching out for support and/or in gratitude for gifts given is a skill. We hope these nuggets of learning stick with our Archangels as they move forward in life!  As always, thanks to all who have supported the drive this far!

Archangel Sports:

Some wins, some losses but ALL great playing for our High School teams this past weekend at the 22nd Annual Grizzly Classic! Our Boys were 1-3 and our Girls 0-3 but competition was tough and the teams continue to improve, working their plays. We’re bummed that Girl’s Team Co-Captain Jamie Estes is out with an injury but her cool demeanor on the bench lifts her teammates during play. Hang in there Jamie!

Next up on the docket: both teams play Friday, February 19th at Su-Valley in Talkeetna.  Girls tip off at 3p and boys at 4:30.

Congrats to 8th grader Jack Kohlhase, 7th grader Nicholas Boring, and 9th graders Mia Sperbeck and Gustavo Azpilcueta for their top four finishes in their first on-line shooting match last week. While in the end our Archangels were bested by the American Legion Post 290 team out of Stafford, Virginia, all of our shooters, (the four above + 7th grader Liv Crosby, 9th grader Sophia Turner and 8th grader Sofia Pineda) did amazing! They have another match this week, stay tuned for more results.


Front Office News:

2021-22 Registration

Thanks to everyone who’s let me know so far that they’ll be returning next year! So far 80% of families have responded that they’ll be back for 2021-22, and the incoming 7th grade class is officially 50% full.

Our small class sizes and in-person learning means that our students are exactly where they should be academically, if not ahead of their public school peers.  We had waiting lists last year and suspect that even with ASD opening back up, we will have waiting lists again this year. I’ll be reaching out to those of you who haven’t responded yet to ensure your spot is held if you are returning, and open it up to others if you’re not.

Fratelli Tutti (“All Brothers”) – TOMORROW! February 12th

Published by the Vatican on October 4th to coincide with the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis’s third papal encyclical Fratelli tutti has been described as a “keen diagnosis of the ills of our post-modern society, sharply railing against the failures seen in the global response to COVID-19….[a document which] serves as something greater and purposeful to wake up the Church to a greater charity and purpose.” Pope Francis himself wrote “It is my desire that, in this our time, by acknowledging the dignity of each human person, we can contribute to the rebirth of a universal aspiration to fraternity. Fraternity between all men and women.”

Please join us tomorrow night at a very special Zoom meeting hosted by Dr. Kevin Jones from Alaska Pacific as he and other distinguished panelists discuss the universal need to come together in fraternal community.