Lumen News – February 18, 2021

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Mar 5-14:  Spring Break
  • Mar 23:  Principal-Parent Forum, 7pm
  • April 1: Holy Thursday
  • April 2: Good Friday – NO SCHOOL
  • April 4: Easter Sunday
  • April 5: Easter Monday – NO SCHOOL

Principal’s Update:

While our debate participants did not earn any awards at last weekend’s State Tournament, we are proud of all of them.  They each walked away with solid performances and additional experience under their belts!  We are so blessed to have this elective opportunity at Lumen.  A special thank you to Mrs. Kelli Reed for leading our DDF students this year and we hope more students will consider it as an option next year!

Did you know the easiest way to potentially knock $1000 off your tuition bill is to encourage one family to check out Lumen Christi for the fall semester.  If that family enrolls into one of our grade levels for the next school year, your family gets a $1000 credit on your tuition bill!  Yes, that’s right!  The greatest marketing effort we have is satisfied parents and happy students encouraging others to join our family.  I anticipate there being a waiting list for some grades for next year, so if you haven’t re-registered your son or daughter, please do so.  And prayerfully consider asking another new family to join our community.  Not only will you help grow our school, but you may receive a tuition credit to boot!

Finally, we deeply appreciate all the families who volunteer to work the Archangel Attic on Fridays and Saturdays.  As mentioned in the State of the School in January, this little building on the corner of 82nd and Jewel Lake earns the school over $100,000 each year, greatly reducing the amount of our tuition.  Please sign up and volunteer to take a shift, or two, or three…

Check your REMIND messages!  We need volunteers for tomorrow (Friday) afternoon!

 To ease any concern you have about working at the Attic, we have made a short “training” video for our families to walk you through your duties.  You can find it on Lumen Tube here:

I’ve never had an acting lesson so I certainly know I’m not an Oscar contender.  Thank goodness my co-stars Tracy, Emily, and Tate carry the film for me…ENJOY!

Campus Ministry:

Virtue of the Week: Altruism

The strength to attend to the needs of others.

“do good; be rich in good works; be generous and ready to share.”  1 Timothy 6:18

  • Need some ideas for Lenten growth?

    • This week all students received a prayer book, Five Minutes with the Word. This Is a great guide for family prayer! Five minutes before school, in the car or in the evenings starts a wonderful habit.

    • Fr. Tom offers Mass every Monday and Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. in the Archangel Chapel for students.

    • Confessions are offered every Tuesday and Thursday  at 7:15 a.m. in the Archangel Chapel for students.

    • Best Lent Ever Podcast:

  • Rice bowls were also given to students to collect change during Lent for Catholic Relief Services.

  • Stations of the Cross begin next week.

  • Choir members needed from all grade levels. See Mrs. Loeffler!

  • Interested in a parent Lenten prayer group?  Please contact Mrs. Loeffler at

Prayer Spot

Please remember the following in your prayers this week:

  • Those facing the winter storm from Texas to New England

  • Those who are struggling with mental and emotional stresses

If you would like special intentions listed in Lumen News and Prayer Book of Intentions you can send them directly to Mrs. Loeffler or to the front office.

Archangel Sports:

Both the Boys & Girls Teams are on the road this weekend, taking on the Su-Valley Rams up in Talkeetna! Good luck to the teams this afternoon, stay tuned for updates next week.

The Junior High teams continue running plays and getting strong. Still no games on the horizon, the challenge is finding other middle school teams in our division who are able to play.  It’s great to see all of the kids coming together tho in true Archangel teamwork fashion.

Both the Blue (High School) & Silver (Junior High) Rifle teams had virtual matches against Bob Jones Air Force JROTC out of Madison Alabama last week. Archangel scores continue to climb with each match – congrats to 9th graders Mia Sperbeck, Gustavo Azpilcueta and Sophia Turner, and 8th grader Sofia Pineda for being high scorers at this latest match.  Way to go to these four and all of our other sharp shooters!  This week we shoot against Loveland Army JROTC out of Loveland, Colorado.

! GALA ! 

26th Annual Mardi Gras Gala & Auction Fundraiser

Thank you to all those that volunteered, donated and participated in this year’s gala.  It was a great success!  THANK YOU!!!   However, WE NEED YOU to help make next year’s gala a success, too!  To that end….

27th Annual Gala & Auction Fundraiser

We are currently looking for a Gala Team Lead.  We have a team of 5-6 members that are each responsible for specific areas of the gala: marketing & sponsorship, procurement, tickets & reservations, silent auction, and the live event, but we need someone to provide overall guidance and management.

Responsibilities for the Team Lead include:

·       Planning and scheduling team meetings;

·       Overseeing team member responsibilities;

·       Communication with school administration and school board;

·       Track expenses and reconcile with finance administration;


If you are interested, please contact the Gala Team or Mr. Ross to learn more.

Lumen Christi Gala Team



Thanks everyone! TGIF (tomorrow) – have a great weekend!