Lumen News – March 26, 2020

Upcoming Important Dates:

Unfortunately and as you can imagine, all activities in the short term have been cancelled or postponed.  Those include our Spring Drama Production of “Cat & Mouse” (cancelled); all spring sports (cancelled); Prom (postponed at this point); Graduation (still under determination.)

Principal’s Update:

Please click here for Mr. Ross’s update: Principals Update March 26 2020

Campus Ministry:

During this time of uncertainty and distancing stay connected to each other through Christ.

Looking for ideas on how to spend your time at home? How about:

  • Board games

  • Family movie night

  • Taking walks

  • Play cards

  • Organize and share family albums from all those pics on your phone!

  • Write letters and cards

  • Kids reorganize rooms


  • Attend virtual Youth Group and Discussions

  • Reconnect by phone or text with friends and family you have not seen for a while

Students can go to the Campus Ministry Google Classroom for more ideas.

Grace and peace to you all!

Prayer Spot:

Please pray for:

  • Students, teachers and families who are working from home

  • Medical professionals and first responders

  • Those most vulnerable to illness

If you would like special intentions listed in Lumen News and Prayer Book of Intentions send them directly to Mrs. Loeffler.

School Announcements:

Next Week’s Schedule: 

Tomorrow, March 27th is a Friday A schedule.





Friday A

Friday B

8 am

Period 1

Period 2

Period 1

Period 2

9 am

Mass (see below)

Stations of the Cross (see below)

Stations of the Cross (see below)

10 am


Period 3

Period 4

Period 3

Period 4

11 am

12 pm

Period 5

Period 6

Period 5

Period 6

1 pm

Students use the remainder of the day to complete assignments, email teachers, etc.


For Thursday Mass, despite our social distancing we will strive for all to ‘attend Mass” and remain in “community” with each other by watching Father Tom’s live streamed Mass on Facebook at 9AM.  If students are not able to watch the St. Benedict’s live stream (or another parish Mass live stream), students will access the Magnificat online (free at and read the readings, prayers, and thoughts for the day.

For Friday Stations of the Cross (March 27 and April 3),  all students (as individuals or as a family) will complete the Stations of the Cross via  This resource has English and Spanish versions as well as audio.

As noted in Mr. Ross’s update, we’ve put together a Parent Tip Sheet which we hope will add to your success as a family during this ‘cyber school’ period.