Lumen News – May 13th, 2022

Important Upcoming Dates:

May 13: Last School Mass, 7:45am
May 16: Lumen Spirit Wear Day (kickball games during 7th period, 1pm) May 17-19: Finals, Early Dismissal (11am)
May 19: Last Day of Classes
May 26-28: Garage Sale (Set Up 26th, Sale 27th-28th)

Principal’s Update:

Last week, we said farewell to the mighty Class of 2022! If you were not able to attend the graduation ceremony, I encourage you to watch the video on our Facebook page. We celebrated the accomplishments of our very own, Mrs. Megan Spillers, who has received a Masters of Science in Secondary Education (with an emphasis in Social Studies) from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia (all the while teaching our students!) Mrs. Spillers is not able to attend her own graduation, so we recognized her last week and she walked across our stage here in front of adoring fans. You should also listen to the speeches of our Valedictorian, Mr. Joshua Van Tuyl, and Salutatorian, Mr. Liam Thomson, as they describe the powerful impact of their classmates and their experiences within the Lumen Christi community. We are fiercely proud of these young men and women and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

Next week, we enter final exams and the end of the school year. Please note the early dismissal times on Tues-Thurs. We will kick the week off with a Spirit Wear day and kickball games during the 7th period! Come at 1pm on Monday, bring a lawn chair, and watch the end-of-year fun!

Finally, Anne Gore and I have fielded a few inquiries regarding other schools’ use of federal allotment money from Family Partnership for tuition payments here at Lumen. Under this initiative, private schools become a vendor for Family Partnership (and perhaps other homeschool programs) and families could be reimbursed for the the cost of “secular/non-religious courses” (a large portion of tuition) using allotment money.

I know that other schools have started to use this approach with some of their families. While I know those that are starting to become involved in it are super excited about the possibility, going forward, I would like to examine and discern this initiative more closely and ensure that we are looking at it from all angles. I intend to bring in some members of our illustrious School Board as well as the Archdiocese of Anchorage Juneau to assist in this effort in coming weeks.

After my initial inquiries and discussions, I have two major concerns/questions that I hope to answer in further study:

  1. As the “Defining Characteristics of Catholic Schools” (from the NCEA National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools found at aracteristics_of_Catholic_Schools.aspx?hkey=36193389-1a3c-4736-b212-332906083fd1) suggests, “All curriculum and instruction in a Catholic school should foster: the desire to seek wisdom and truth, the preference for social justice, the discipline to become self-learners, the capacity to recognize ethical and moral grounding for behavior, and the responsibility to transform and enrich the world with Gospel values. The Catholic school should avoid the error that its distinctiveness rests solely on its religious education program (Archbishop J. Michael Miller, The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools, 2006, pp. 43–45, 52).”

    In other words, all Catholic schools (Lumen included) should seek to have a rigorous academic curriculum based on the teachings of the Catholic Church and infused with the principles of Catholic social teaching. Over the past 26 years, Lumen has been working hard towards this ideal.

    My questions: If we make our math, science, social studies, and/or language arts curriculums “nonsectarian” (i.e. non-religious) to have them approved by the ASD public charter school Family Partnership, then are we undermining the Truth about who we are as a Catholic school? Further, how then are we truly distinct from other schools? Do we end up with a school where we have a solitary religious portion of our curriculum (Theology class) and the rest of the curriculum is just like any public school? As the Principal, I’m responsible for the Catholic identity of Lumen, so these questions cause me to pause.

  2. On the flip side, what is the impact if we do present our curriculum as “nonsectarian” or “non-religious” to meet the Family Partnership requirements for reimbursement, yet actually teach to “transform and enrich the world with Gospel values? This includes starting and ending class with prayer and in a specific example, infusing Catholic bioethical moral decision making considerations into Biology units on cloning or stem cell research. If we say one thing while doing another, are we being untruthful and in fact, disingenuous? This too causes me to pause.

    As I have stated elsewhere, I don’t mean to be the proverbial “wet blanket” on what may prove to be a huge benefit to our families. On its face, this looks like a great deal. However, my Dad (a wise man) once told me that if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is, so check it out further.

To reiterate: My concerns in going slowly are to ensure that we don’t “water down” the Catholic identity of Lumen, nor put the school in a position of having accepted taxpayer funding in potential violation of state and federal separation of Church and State laws.

As with anything, I’ll concede that I could be looking at things very simplistically and missing the point. But I think prudence suggests that more research (especially on the legal side) needs to be done to ensure we are not headed down a slippery slope.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. If you have questions or concerns or comments on this matter (or any other matter), please feel free to contact me directly at 414-617-5620 or I am happy to meet for coffee to discuss further and hear your perspectives.

Campus Ministry:

The Virtue of the Week is Modesty

You can find great conversation starters and other ideas on this week’s virtue on the following website:

  • Friday, May 13 is our last sandwich making day. Students have expressed interest in continuing over the summer; I will get an email out at the start of June to see if we can work it logistically.
  • Last week was packed: Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, and May Procession and Crowning. Students did a wonderful job all around.
  • This week newly graduated Tommy Simino will be featured in the St. Benedict Bulletin
  • Happy birthday Wednesday, May 11 to Anne Gore!

    Thank you for all your donations; please keep sending meat, sliced cheese, and bread. You can drop off any time during the week, by noon on Fridays. Unfortunately we cannot use condiments, peanut butter or jelly for sandwiches. Some of these items have come in and were greatly appreciated at the food bank.

Parents – The movie Fr. Stu came out a few weeks ago. It is the remarkable true story of the conversion of a boxer who was called to the priesthood. It is rated R due to a LOT of foul language and sonme innuendo, but has a great message for our teens and young adults.

Below is the link to a short conversation between Fr. Mike Schmidt and Mark Wahlberg, who plays Fr. Stu.

Here is another neat interview with Wahlberg:

  • For our students as they prepare for final exams
  • For those suffering spiritual, emotional and psychological difficulty
  • For all of your intentions
  • For strength, courage, and protection of those under siege in Ukraine
  • For the conversion of Russia and all those in darkness
  • For those experiencing homelessness, hunger, and isolation
  • For the health and safety of our school families
  • For unity in our country

Archangel Sports:

Soccer 2022

The attached pdf below is a copy of the soccer schedule for the high school team next fall. Please note there may still be a couple of date tweaks for games as well as the addition of games against OLV at Kincaid and out in Palmer.

I hope this will help with planning for the fall for all our families as I know schedules can fill up. -Coach Warren

2022 Lumen Christi H.S. Soccer schedule.pdf

Front Office News:

Final Exam and Bus Schedule

The final exam schedule in the Handbook does not correctly reflect our school starting time this year. Therefore, please use the following Final Exam schedule for May 17-19:

The fall exam daily schedule is:

May 17: Periods 1 and 2
May 18: Periods 3 and 4
May 19: Periods 5 and 6

The hourly schedule each day during finals is:

7:30-7:40am: Snack*
7:40-7:45am: Pledge, Prayer, and Morning Announcements 7:45-9:15am: Final Exam
9:15-9:30am: Snack*
9:30-11:00am: Final Exam
11:00am: Dismissal

*SNACKS! Can you help us provide those for students? Earn a Share Hour and keep those brains well greased! If you would like to bring a snack click here: you parent volunteers for your support!!!

Bus schedules will be as follows:
Morning runs from both St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Andrew/CSS will remain the same.

Afternoon runs will be as follows:
St. Andrew/CSS: This bus will depart Lumen at 11:05am and arrive at CSS at 11:20am;

Depart CSS at 11:25am and arrive at St. Andrew Parish at 11:50pm.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: If possible, we encourage parents of SEAS bus riders to pick up at Lumen at 11am as we will only have one bus run to SEAS, and we have more students than seats. For those parents unable to pick up at Lumen, the bus will leave here at 11:05am and arrive at SEAS at 11:20am.

For both the St. Andrew/CSS and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton runs, please pick your students up right at this adjusted arrival time. We know these early dismissal times can be tricky for logistics, but limiting the number of finals per day to two both limits the amount of stress on students and allows for max study time at home!

Summer Skills Workshop!

We are excited to share with you an opportunity to grow students’ language arts and math skills. Lumen will again be offering students a chance to participate in a Summer Skills Workshop. The goal is for our middle school and high school students to sharpen the skills obtained during this school year while also better preparing them for the coming year. Students can participate in math and / or writing. The workshop is free of charge and free of homework!

Writing Workshop:
July 12th – August 4th
Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursday

AM entering 9 -10th grade 9:30-11am PM entering 7 – 8th grade 12pm-1:30pm


Math Skills Workshop:
July 12th – August 4th
Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursday

AM entering 7 – 8th grade 9:30-11am
PM entering 9 -10th grade 12pm-1:30pm


● Grammar

  • ●  Sentence Structure
  • ●  Reading Comprehension

    * Topics subject to change based on student needs.

● Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for fractions and decimals

● Integers
● Ratio and Percent

* Topics subject to change based on student needs.

Space is limited!

Please contact us with your student’s name, grade they are entering, parent contact information (email and phone number) and which session(s) you want to enroll them in.


Kimberly Guzman

Shout Out:


A special shout out to Erik Holmquist who has received first place in the 2022 State Piano Competition. He will be performing this Sunday at the winner’s recital to be held at the UAA recital hall, at 7pm on May 15th.Congratulations Erik!!! We are all super proud of you! Continue the amazing hard work!

Student Opportunities: FBI Teen Academy


The FBI Anchorage Field Office is currently accepting applications for its 2022 Teen Academy Program, which will welcome rising junior and senior high school students for an opportunity to get a comprehensive look into today’s FBI. The FBI Teen Academy will be on August 11-12, 2022, from 9:00am – 12:30pm, at the FBI Anchorage Field Office. Visit the FBI Anchorage website to learn more, and to apply online:

The application deadline is May 31, 2022.

Alaska Aviation Club