Lumen News – May 19th, 2022

Important Upcoming Dates:

May 26-28: Garage Sale (Set Up 26th, Sale 27th-28th)
July 12- August 4th: Summer Workshop (Tues, Wed.,Thurs.)
August 3: Back to School Registration
August 11: First Day of School
August 26: First School Mass

Principal’s Update:

Many thanks to everyone who submitted feedback to our Cognia survey, our athletic program survey, and our School Crest Challenge voting. Tomorrow, we will close all of these means to provide us comments, so if you haven’t done so already, please give us your thoughts!

As tradition, I’ll be sending out an End of the Year letter to all our families next week highlighting a number of items, so please look for that in your email inbox. A couple of timely reminders:

  • Please bring your spring cleaning items down to the school next week to support our annual GarageSale! Thanks to your generous donations of used items, we have made an average of $6000-8000 for our school over two days!
  • If you are in need of additional financial assistance to help reduce tuition going into next year, please see the solicitation for a $1000 Reetz Foundation scholarship below AND take a look at our website at: Applications are due soon!

    This has been a challenging and awesome year, and another page in our proud Lumen history. We wish all our students and our families a restful and enjoyable summer break! We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall! On behalf of my family, and the entire school staff, may God bless you and keep you safe this summer!

Campus Ministry:

The Virtue of the Week is Honesty

You can find great conversation starters and other ideas on this week’s virtue on the following website:

Happy Birthday to Kyle Boquet on Saturday!

Summer is here! It is with deep appreciation and humility that I thank you for the gift of your children here at Lumen Christi. Each student and family brings light to my heart and to our Lumen community. I wish each of you a restful, faith-filled and adventurous summer. Please know that I am available throughout the summer if I can be of assistance to you. Feel free to email me at any time I check email regularly. Happy summer!

Fr. Stu is still playing; information is below.

Parents – The movie Fr. Stu came out a few weeks ago. It is the remarkable true story of the conversion of a boxer who was called to the priesthood. It is rated R due to a LOT of foul language and sonme innuendo, but has a great message for our teens and young adults.

Below is the link to a short conversation between Fr. Mike Schmidt and Mark Wahlberg, who plays Fr. Stu.

Here is another neat interview with Mark Wahlberg:

A Family Blessing

May we make our homes places of relaxation,
joy, love, peace and safety.
May we be generous and considerate,
not thinking only about ourselves,
but helping others enjoy the blessings of the summertime. Lord God, Creator of all things,
guide our steps and strengthen our hearts
during these months of summer and vacation days. Grant us refreshment of mind and body.
May we constantly strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our loved ones and in the world around us as we enjoy the warm days of summertime.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Archangel Sports:

Soccer 2022-2023

The attached pdf below is a copy of the soccer schedule for the high school team next fall. Please note there may still be a couple of date tweaks for games as well as the addition of games against OLV at Kincaid and out in Palmer.

I hope this will help with planning for the fall for all our families as I know schedules can fill up. – Coach Warren

2022 Lumen Christi H.S. Soccer schedule.pdf

Volleyball 2022-2023

Attention High School volleyball parents: In the next few weeks expect an email from Coach Warren or Mrs.Guzman regarding open gym volleyball and/or information on a volleyball clinic over the summer! If there are any students interested in playing volleyball next school year please email:

Front Office News:

Archangel Attic

We had a slot open up for the Archangel Attic on Saturday from 10a-1p. Can you help? Sign up here:

Summer Office Hours


Annual Garage Sale  page4image34026432page4image34026624

Annual GARAGE SALE is next week!

Where: Lumen Christi Parking Lot When: Friday and Saturday, May 27th- 28th Time: 8AM-5PM

We are still looking for volunteers to help on Friday and Saturday. Please sign up here if interested:


We will gladly be accepting items
that are in considerably good condition starting Tuesday, May 24th after 12pm –

due to a series of events happening on campus.

Summer Skills Workshop!

We are excited to share with you an opportunity to grow students’ language arts and math skills. Lumen will again be offering students a chance to participate in a Summer Skills Workshop. The goal is for our middle school and high school students to sharpen the skills obtained during this school year while also better preparing them for the coming year. Students can participate in math and / or writing. The workshop is free of charge and free of homework!

page5image33592576 page5image33593152

Writing Workshop:
July 12th – August 4th
Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursday

AM entering 9 -10th grade 9:30-11am PM entering 7 – 8th grade 12pm-1:30pm


Math Skills Workshop:
July 12th – August 4th
Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursday

AM entering 7 – 8th grade 9:30-11am
PM entering 9 -10th grade 12pm-1:30pm


● Grammar

  • ●  Sentence Structure
  • ●  Reading Comprehension

    * Topics subject to change based on student needs.

● Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for fractions and decimals

● Integers
● Ratio and Percent

* Topics subject to change based on student needs.

Space is limited!

Please contact us with your student’s name, grade they are entering, parent contact information (email and phone number) and which session(s) you want to enroll them in.


Kimberly Guzman

2023 Close Up

Thank you to all parents who have signed up their students to the 2023 Close Up! Expect an email from Mrs.Spillers regarding payment plans. If you have any question email:

Student Opportunities

UAA Summer Academy in Accounting


FBI Teen Academy

The FBI Anchorage Field Office is currently accepting applications for its 2022 Teen Academy Program, which will welcome rising junior and senior high school students for an opportunity to get a comprehensive look into today’s FBI. The FBI Teen Academy will be on August 11-12, 2022, from 9:00am – 12:30pm, at the FBI Anchorage Field Office. Visit the FBI Anchorage website to learn more, and to apply online:

The application deadline is May 31, 2022.