Lumen News – May 6, 2021

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • TONIGHT! May 6: Graduation, 7pm
  • TOMORROW! May 7: “Delayed Exposition” – Spring Drama Production, 6p

⇧  Watch both events via live stream on Lumen’s Facebook page 

  • May 12:  Principal-Parent Forum, 7pm
  • May 18-20: Finals
  • May 20: Last Day of School
  • June 4-5: Parking Lot GARAGE SALE! (details below)
  • June 7-11: Boys Basketball Camp in the Valley (details to follow)
  • June 14 – 17: Girls Basketball Camp in the Valley (details to follow)
  • July 12-15: Girls Basketball Camp @ Lumen (details to follow) 

Principal’s Update:

A hearty congratulations to the seven members of our mighty Class of 2021–Jonah, Jaydin, Garrett, Amber, Vanessa, Helene, and Caleb–as they toss their caps into the air tonight and graduate into life after high school!  Please keep them and their families in your prayers!

Campus Ministry:

The virtue theme for this week is LEGACY – The strength to hand down a virtuous tradition and memory of your actions. Yes, leaving a LEGACY is not just for old people. We can leave a LEGACY too. Let’s talk about some ways we can leave a LEGACY.

“That is your legacy on this Earth when you leave this Earth: how many hearts you touched.” —Patti Davis

  • Congratulations to our graduates!! May Christ be always in your hearts. We wish you peace and success on your journey
  • Tomorrow, May, we will have the May Crowning and procession to Mary’s grotto after the 8 a.m. Mass. Thank you for sending flowers!!
  • Thank you to our choir: Vincent, Kateri, Anthony, Kayla, Divine, Hayden, and Maggie for sharing your beautiful voices enhancing our liturgies through song!

Prayer Spot:

  • For our graduating class
  • For an end to violence
  • For special intentions requested

If you would like special intentions listed in Lumen News and Prayer Book of Intentions you can send them directly to Mrs. Loeffler or to the Front Office.

Happy Birthday this week to: Cali and James

Archangel Sports:

Next Thursday, May 13th will be the last Futsol practice.  We’re *hopeful* that on Friday, May 14th we can have at least ONE scrimmage/match against Holy Rosary Academy. Like all of our other sports seasons this year, actual game time for this sport has been so COVID restricted…we’re looking forward to next year when things are back to normal!

High School Co-ed Soccer: I know it seems crazy to be thinking ahead to August, but keep in mind that the fall soccer season starts BEFORE school does. If you have a rising 9th-12th grader (current 8th – 11th grader) interested in playing next year, please send an email to Coach Warren so he knows who to contact over the summer.  Practices will start at the end of July with our first tournament in Healy/Delta/Fairbanks the weekend before school starts.

Like Futsol, next Thursday will be the last day of track. Unlike Futsol, there hasn’t even been ONE meet for us to attend! At least our runners got some mileage in and again, we look forward to next year when things are back to normal.

8th – 12th grade students interested in playing American Legion baseball this summer can try out for their area of town in the coming days. Diamond’s tryouts are Monday, May 10th at 6p (contact John Bruce at but a full list of team tryout info can be found here:

Don’t forget if you’ve got a rising 9th – 12th grader interested in playing football for Dimond High School in the fall to contact Coach Tom Gregory at or call/text him at 907-350-0037.

Front Office News:


Most have been pre-ordered but there will be a few on hand for the procrastinators among us…delicious cheesecakes, homemade by our own Spanish II teacher Deacon Gus and his wife Christina Azpilcueta!

$20 – bring your cash or check made out to the school. THANK YOU Deacon Gus & Christina!

(p.s Deacon brought in 2 cheesecakes this morning and 1) I can personally vouch for their scrumptiousness; and 2) This is the reason I have to wear stretchy clothes…parents who bring so many tasty things to the office….)

TOMORROW – FRIDAY!!  Online Spring Drama Production 

Please join us for an online production of “DELAYED EXPOSITION” – a story of video games, relationships, and what happens when the barrier between real & fiction is broken and teens are trapped (and things go haywire!)  Friday, May 7th at 6p via Lumen’s Facebook Page and YouTube. Thank you to Stacy Robertson and the student actors!


Yearbooks were distributed on Tuesday, May 4th and were accompanied by an Ice Cream Social provided by Tastee Freeze. Thank you to the donor who funded the ice cream social; to Mr. Rich Owens from Tastee Freeze for bringing the ice cream to us; and most of all to our AWESOME Yearbook Team (Kateri Everard, Sabrina Warren, Jamie Estes, Helene Baker and Cali Rybicki, lead by Dr. Carlson) for creating such an amazing remembrance of this crazy COVID year. We’re so thankful for your work!

Parking Lot Garage Sale 

If there’s one thing for certain it’s that Anchorage-ites love a good garage sale.  So mark your calendars – June 4th & 5th we’ll host a massive one in the school parking lot! Last year we made nearly $13,000 between the two different events we held and we know we can do it again this year. So start your spring cleaning, we’ll start collecting things at the school earlier that week!


As you’re setting aside things for the Garage Sale, start a second pile of uniform items that your kid(s) have outgrown this year. Drop those at the school when you drop for the Garage Sale…you’ll next see them at Back to School Registration on August 3rd. This is always a great time to find up-cycled uniform pieces that depending upon how fast the previous owner grew, still have loads of life left in them!

Accounting Assistant Opportunity

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish has a volunteer or part-time paid Accounting Assistant position open.  The position is for 8-10 hrs/week.  Requirements include accounting experience, Excel, and organizational skills.  Send resume to or call 907-644-9720.  Deadline to apply is May 21st or until filled.


Thanks everyone & have a great weekend. Enjoy the sun!