Lumen News – October 15, 2020

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Oct 16: TOMORROW – Friday B Schedule with 8am livestream Mass/End of First Quarter
  • Oct 21-22:  Parent Teacher Conferences, 1-3pm and 4-7pm
  • Oct 23:  INSERVICE (No School)

Principal’s Update:

I appreciate everyone’s diligence in logging into their classes from home this week.  This was not an optimum solution, but from what teachers tell me, and in my own observations, our students transitioned to distance learning with only a few hiccups.  Well done Archangels!

Now the really good news!  With a positive test rate today of 4.7%, we have been cleared by the Archdiocese of Anchorage Juneau to have our students back in school in person next week.  Attached below is the official notification. That said, I look forward to seeing our students on Monday morning for their regular temperature checks (I think I know almost every student’s “normal” temperature by heart at this point).   Our status will be ORANGE, with in person classes Monday-Thursday.  Friday, Oct 23rd, is a previously scheduled NO SCHOOL INSERVICE day, which means no all-school Mass or classes on that day.  So enjoy a longer weekend!

I will sit down with the other school Principals and Pastors and re-examine our current safe return plans to determine if we need to modify them going forward.  I will be sure to include you in any discussions of options we might be considering to change/modify what we have in place.

We will put out more information next week about how Parent-Teacher Conferences will work, and Coach Warren will send separate correspondence on athletic activities.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

Campus Ministry:

The Campus Ministry Office is located in the school library, students and parents are always welcomed to stop by!

Virtue of the Week:  Toughness

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

Thank you to Liam D., Joseph and Maggie M., XinMei and Liam T., Jonah D., Amara and Sabrina W., for taking part in our remote Masses.

Students who would like to read and/or serve for our 8a.m. Friday remote Masses, please contact Mrs. Loeffler. When possible, we will schedule siblings to read and serve together in order to keep our students safe in social “bubbles.”

  • We love to celebrate our kids’ victories!  Please let us know when your son or daughter wins an award, performs well in competition or has other special achievements so we can recognize him or her.

  • I am available in the Campus Ministry office (located in the library) for student and parent support. Email or drop by any time. If I am in class, leave a note and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • We are working to plan service opportunities here in our gym for students and families. If you know of a need we can meet, please email me at

  • Birthday blessings this week to Mrs. Brewer!

Prayer Spot

Please remember the following in your prayers this week:

  • The intentions of our Lumen families

  • That our country will unite in peace and justice

  • For healing of all infected with COVID – 19

  • An end to the pandemic

  • All first responders

If you would like special intentions listed in Lumen News and Prayer Book of Intentions send them directly to Mrs. Loeffler.


⚽Archangel Sports:⚽

Fine print: Parents = please keep us posted on anything your kid(s) are doing, in or on a field/rink/pool/court! We love to give shout outs to our kids for being amazing.

Jr. High Co-ed Volleyball Skill Building will now start Monday October 26th. Practices will be Monday & Wednesday from 1:15-2:30p.

There will be High School Girls Volleyball this week. Watch your email for a note from Coach Warren regarding specifics on practice.

Front Office News: Parents

LUMEN-ary Drive

Hitting mailboxes tomorrow – info about our LUMEN-ary Drive! Yes, it’s back, bigger and better than ever! We’ve got lofty goals but know that together with our fans, friends, families and supporters, we’ll get there! HUGE shout out to those of you who have already contributed – you’re exempt from any further direct solicitation. (Yep, the earlier you contribute, the fewer times Fr. Tom will come a’knockin : )

Mardi Gras Gala & Auction

Our Winter Gala & fundraiser is shaping up to be a virtual event (they’re all the rage in this time of Covid) which has both its positives and negatives. Of course on the negative side, we don’t get to come together and have a fun, fancy night out in support of our school. On the positive side, attendees are no longer limited to people in Anchorage – anyone can attend on line. In order for the event to be engaging and successful tho, we want to have a LARGE online presence, so please help us spread the word. How can you help?!

  • Included below is a graphic you can cut & paste into your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) or even just cut & paste it into an email and send to all of your contacts!

  • Volunteers are needed: procurement callers (double share hours for calling!), item pick-up, class project coordinators, and data entry help.

  • Sign up to bring wine for our Mystery Wine and get share hours!

  • Donate a dessert certificate for our dessert auction and get share hours!

  • More volunteer opportunities will be posted as we navigate this new process.

  • 2021 Gala/Auction Volunteer SignUp Link-

Thanks for the early support of our event!  If you have questions please contact the Gala Team at

Yearbook Pics

There’s still time! Upload pics of your students to Josten’s for potential inclusion in the yearbook. This is a fine way to embarrass your children, which as parents, is our duty to do. Use this link:

Front Office News: Students

Yearbook Pics

Read the bit directly above this, in the parent’s section.  You too, can submit pics for the yearbook… do it through the link above, or email them to